The safest armored glass in the world keeps the villa safe. SILATEC armored glass is used at the G7 and G20 summits, by the most prominent jewelers and museums, in embassies and luxurious villas. Give burglars what they deserve – a zero chance of breaking in. With burglar-proof windows. And glass walls.

Unbelievable – but caught on video.

P4A glass is always being recommended. But definitely not by us. This video shows the truth: it comes crashing down. SILATEC P6B, by contrast: unbeatable.

Why you will sleep better with RC3 windows.

RC3 windows are what we recommend for effective burglary protection in villas. This video shows you the enormous and reassuring difference compared to conventional windows.


Reassuring to know: Even the biggest calibers can’t hurt our armored glass. Not even a Kalashnikov, and not battle weapons with armor-piercing ammunition. Here you can learn why SILATEC is the undisputed world leader for armored glass.

We have a lot to tell. Because we can prove it.

Outside: A handgun. Sledgehammer. Kalashnikov. And inside: nothing. Not even a splinter. In this video you can see what many people have trouble believing.


The panic lock always needs to be open on the inside, even when the door is locked. And that is its weakness: usually, someone breaks a small hole from the outside and then opens the handle. Our special panic glass safely prevents that.

Panic doors: What many people think they know is wrong.

Many people think P4A or P5A or 8mm glass is sufficient for panic doors. Until they see this video. Only special panic glass made with RC2 or better passes the practical test.


Armored glass for the elephant enclosure. For explosive ordnance clearing machines that are bomb-proof against grenades and mines. For absolutely safe panic doors. As a glass display cabinet for jewelers. Equipped with an alarm function. Anti-reflective. And even as corner glazing without weak points, safe through and through.

The LED spotlight that never goes out.

It’s easy to shoot out an LED spotlight – for instance with a .44 Magnum – or to destroy it with a digger. Unless it is made with armored glass from SILATEC.


Employee safety should never be relative – it needs to be absolute. That’s why we recommend the safest armored glass in the world even for turning, milling and other machine tools. For absolute safety even with external stressors – and for maximum transparency.

Protection From Projectiles.

Flying workpieces can become projectiles and pose a serious threat to employees. That’s why we test our machine safety glass in this video by shooting at it.

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