Burglary protection - myths

"I have nothing anyone would steal" - Here we have common misconceptions.


"Whoever wants to break in will manage to do it, despite all the security."

Experience shows: thieves want to work as quickly and as away from view as possible. The greater the delay burglars face, the more rarely they achieve their goal.


"Burglars only come at night and then I am at home anyway."

Almost half of break-ins take place during the day. Your absence will be established in advance. For example by ringing the bell, calling, observing, full postboxes or information in social networks. And if you are at home when someone breaks in, the general recommendation is: stay calm.


"I am insured and everything gets replaced."

No insurance can replace intangible valuables or compensate for the psychological consequences of burglaries.


"Holiday time is break-in time"

There is often an increase in break-in numbers during the holidays. Holidays, however, are not necessarily the main time for break-ins, as burglars like to use the "dark" time of the year especially.


"Holiday homes are only robbed when you're not there"

The opposite is true. Burglars prefer to come when you are in the holiday home. Because it is exactly at this time that specially lucrative spoils are available: cash, watches, jewellery.


"We have an alarm system"

Alarm systems unfortunately cannot prevent the break-in. Only report it.


"Our window handles can be locked"

Windows without burglary protection can nonetheless be pried open in a few seconds.

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