What do burglars
say about our
burglarproof glass?

F*ck it!
Because our burglarproof glass passes all tests.
And much more.

SILATEC safety glass is tested under hard condition almost every day. By burglars all over the world. Until today, our burglarproof glass has prevented significantly more than 1000 burglaries. Our safety glazings are tested and certified in accordance with strict standards - this includes the European standard for burglarproof glass (DIN EN 356) and the even stricter standards in accordance with the VdS damage prevention.

That much about the theory. However, it is decisive how burglary resisting glass by SILATEC performs in practical applications. In real situations, in the merciless confrontation with the tough criminal energy. Because burglars do not care about standards, and there is no break-in that is in this sense “normal” or standardized. Therefore, we test our special armored glass on our own test stand under the most brutal conditions. With special units like the GSG9. With entire armies.

Attacks with an ax, machine gun, explosive and vehicles are part of SILATEC’s test stand. Because this is the only way to show what a burglarproof glass really is. The “German wall” stands! See it for yourself - in our video.

Burglarproof glass:
take your hammer and go home

Burglarproof glass or only armored glass?
Armored glass. Sounds safe, or? If you watch the video above, then you will see the reality and the difference to a really burglar proof glazing by SILATEC. Because the armored glass is broken after a few hits, while the breakthrough resisting glazing by SILATEC withstands.

burglarproof glass
comes from Silatec

Armored glass vs. burglarproof glass by Silatec.

Several panes will be placed one above the other for conventional armored glass. The more, the thicker. Heavier. More green tint. But not burglarproof! It is broken already after half a minute!

Burglary resisting glass by SILATEC consists only on the outside of glass. Different high technology plastic materials are combined in the core. They are balanced to each other in such a way that their safety features supplement and amplify each other. The result is a burglarproof glass of protection classes P6B, P7B and P8B. With about 5 minutes of real burglary protection - approximately 10 times more! It is also crystal clear and does not have a green tint.

Burglarproof glass
in light weight slide elements

Real burglarproof glass by SILATEC is crystal clear and transparent in such a way that you hardly see windows and doors that are equipped with the glass. It is amazingly thin. Extremely light weight and it can therefore be easily moved in sliding elements. By the way: We deliver it in width of up to nine meters! Let your residence be flooded with light and air and open completely new perspectives for you. Only you will know: Your burglarproof glass is as safe as a wall. But significantly more beautiful.

Customers that
rely on us.

Didier Ducard of BHS
silatec stars
Silatec is our reliable partner for all installations that require an increased protection while delivering a maximum of brightness. Silatec glass fulfills the aesthetic requirements of our demanding customers.
Zbären Kitchen
Benjamin and Matthias Zbären
Zbären Kitchen
silatec stars
Whether Gstaad, Genf or Monaco, we always see SILATEC safety glass at our customers. A High End Product, such as our kitchens.
La Boutique Genève B&O
Laurent Nobs, Genève B&O
La Boutique Genève B&O
silatec stars
We are proud to work with Silatec safety glass and to offer the best protection for our customers. At Silatec we find the passion for perfect products which are close to our heart.
Mathis Meier, Architekten
silatec stars
For 25 years now, we already work with SILATEC safety glass for our demanding house builders.
Beyer Chronometrie
Rene Beyer, Jeweler
Beyer Chronometrie
silatec stars
We make no compromises when it comes to safety. For 20 years now, we protect our display windows only with SILATEC safety glass.
Joël Meylan, Atelier K
silatec stars
Highest safety with the best optical quality
at the same time - that convinced us!

How do you make your house

Secure all weak points.

Each professional safety concept secures the weak points of the house: The doors and the windows. Because more than 90% of the break-ins are done here. Consider all openings, including garage, basement, roof and other windows and doors. This is also what the police experts suggest: first the mechanical security, then the electronic security, i.e. the alarm system and the surveillance camera as a supplement.

Alarm system?
First the mechanical security,
then the electronic security.

What does the alarm system contribute?

Only the mechanical security can prevent the culprit from entering the building - this cannot be achieved by the alarm system. Therefore, it is only a supplement to the burglarproof glass and the respective windows.

And the surveillance camera?

It only documents what already happened. Therefore, the surveillance camera can supplement burglarproof glass - but it cannot replace it. Because only an effective physical resistance keeps the culprits safely on the outside.

Burglarproof windows:
The glass will not be tested!

SAFE glassGlass NOT tested

RC2 windows:

P6B glass

approx. 5 minutes

Resistance time RC2 windows as per standard: about three minutes. Specified P4A glass: only about ten seconds!
The glass will NOT be tested!

RC3 windows:

P6B glass

approx. 5 minutes

Resistance time RC3 windows as per standard: about five minutes. Specified P5A glass: only about 15 seconds!
The glass will AGAIN NOT be tested!

RC4 windows:

P8B glass

approx. 10 to 20 minutes

Resistance time RC4 windows as per standard: about ten minutes. Specified traditional P6B glass: only about 30 seconds!
The glass will AGAIN NOT be tested!

Burglarproof glass
in light weight slide elements

Real burglarproof glass by SILATEC is crystal clear and transparent in such a way that you hardly see windows and doors that are equipped with the glass. It is amazingly thin. Extremely light weight and it can therefore be easily moved in sliding elements.

By the way: We deliver it in width of up to nine meters! Let your residence be flooded with light and air and open completely new perspectives for you. Only you will know: Your burglarproof glass is as safe as a wall. But significantly more beautiful.

What do the different versions of burglarproof glass cost?
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UV kills Art

Burglar proof glass
for display windows

Attract customers - ward off burglars. Burglar proof glass for display windows should not only be absolutely safe. It should also display your products in an unadulterated beauty to be able to sell more. Our burglary resisting glazing has an additional advantage: one hundred percent UV protection. It protects your valuables against fading or discolorization.

Burglarproof glass for museums
and art collectors

Pieces of art are often as priceless as irretrievable. Therefore, our burglarproof glass is as much at home at the large art collectors as at the most important museums in the world. Because the works are often priceless - not only from a monetary standpoint, but also from an idealistic, personal viewpoint. The absolute UV protection ensures additionally that the colors do not fade or turn pale. The art presents itself in the most beautiful light, namely the natural, unadulterated light since the visible light passes unhindered through.

Burglar proof glass
for jewelers

The following applies especially for the most luxurious jewelers on the globe: Burglars must remain on the outside. No question. Independent of the fact whether they want to break through the glass with an ax or a sledgehammer, or with the tow truck, as it happened at the headquarter of the jeweler Bulgari in Rome. Our burglarproof glass has kept its promise even here and has forced the surprised burglars to flee. Really burglarproof glass does not tolerate any relation. The safety must be absolute.

Armored glass vs SILATEC

Several panes will be placed one above the other for conventional armored glass. The more, the thicker. Heavier. More green tint. But not burglarproof!

SILATEC: on the outside glass, on the inside: an intelligent combination of extremely resistant plastic materials. Significantly thinner and lighter. Absolute transparent. And absolute burglarproof.

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Burglarproof glass:
P6B, P7B or P8B glass.

This delivery program includes our burglarproof glass for the highest demands.
Do you have different requirements? With pleasure. Please contact us regarding this subject.

Burglary Protection
Type Name Dimensions max.
Options Tc
P6B + EH1
monoSILATEC P6B-EH12500 x 800017 – 2530 – 504.7P6B80 – 9070 – 8040 1)
i2SILATEC P6B-EH1 i22500 x 800027 – 4940 – 600.9 – 1.2P6B70 – 8055 – 6040 – 45
i3SILATEC P6B-EH1 i32500 x 800039 – 6155 – 800.5 – 0.8P6B65 – 7045 – 5040 – 45
P7B + EH2
monoSILATEC P7B-EH22500 x 800024 – 3643 – 734.4P7B80 – 9070 – 8041 1)
i2SILATEC P7B-EH2 i22500 x 800034 – 6053 – 930.9 – 1.2P7B70 – 8055 – 6040 – 45
i3SILATEC P7B-EH2 i32500 x 800046 – 8268 – 1080.5 – 0.8P7B65 – 7045 – 5040 – 45
P8B + EH3
monoSILATEC P8B-EH32500 x 800024 – 3239 – 594.0P8B80 – 9070 – 8043 1)
i2SILATEC P8B-EH3 i22500 x 800034 – 5649 – 790.9 – 1.2P8B70 – 8055 – 6040 – 45
i3SILATEC P8B-EH3 i32500 x 800046 – 7864 – 940.5 – 0.8P8B65 – 7045 – 5040 – 45
They depend on the size of the pane, the loads (e.g. wind load) as well as guidelines and regulations
mono, i2, i3 monolithic, insulating glass, triple insulating glass
Thermal transfer coefficient. The smaller the value, the better the heat insulation.
TL Translucence. A larger value means that more light transfers through the glazing
gTotal energy permeability. A smaller value means that less energy transfers through the glazing.
RwSound insulation measure. The larger the value, the better the sound insulation. The listed values are based on a Krypton filling.
ASAlarm loop. Visible or invisible.
AWAlarm wire
SuSSun protection coating


Test certificate
Test protocol single cell pane
internally developed estimated value without test report 
exclusively invisible alarm loop possible 
GOST Gost standard of Russia
VPAM PM 2007, version 2
EN 1063
Special test, see test report Beschussamt
Bandwidth of typical values

All values are subject to the common tolerances. Adherence to our special glazing guideline is required.

This delivery program shows our established products. We produce in addition also nonstandard special solutions. Please ask us.

We reserve the right to change the technical information, changes in the delivery program as well as changes of our references. Adherence to the legal regulations is required for all applications. Adherence to our special glazing guidelines is required, because our warranty is otherwise canceled.

When in doubt, please contact us.

Made in Germany
Burglarproof glass.
Made in Germany.

SILATEC makes nothing else than produce the safest glass in the world - for two generations. We focus completely on this task. It is a passion. And a certain obsession may be part of it.

We developed and built the machines ourselves. Because only these machines enable the special and the worldwide unique SILATEC process to produce the safest glass in the world. A safety glass that deserve this name. In addition, it is crystal clear without any green tint and it additionally offers one hundred percent UV protection - for example, for works of art, valuable exhibits or floors.

Such a SILATEC safety glass can be produced at a length of up to nine meters! It is light weight and always reliably safe like a wall of glass.

We intentionally do not produce in China or Romania or somewhere else. But in Gelting at the foot of the Bavarian Alps in Germany.

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Will the number of burglaries decrease?

What do you think?

The test standards and resistance classes help to differentiate and classify. Only: The reality and the criminal practice is completely different. Example RC2 windows. The test standard promises a resistance of three minutes, however, in practice they are broken after one minute. Because the culprit who does not make progress at the window frame will attack the glass. And this can be broken within ten seconds! Because the standard only specifies P4A glass. And the standard does not even test the glass.

And: For RC2 windows only unpracticed amateur culprits are assumed; this means that the test engineer can only use small tools for the test. However, the RC2 window is immediately broken in reality and with slightly larger tools. And how is it for RC3 and RC4 windows? The standard assumes practiced culprits with significantly better tools.

However: The glass is also not tested here! Only a simple P5A glass is specified. It is broken after only 15 seconds. What good do the five minutes resistance do, which are provided by the RC3 frame? And what do the ten minutes do for the RC4 window if the specified glass (traditional P6B) only withstands for 30 seconds?

Burglarproof glass by Silatec

It can do much more:
Variable form
Our burglarproof glass can be customized. In all possible formats. Cylindrically bent, in variable angles of slope or also as an absolute safe corner connection.
Sound proofing
You like to make music or increase the volume? And you value calm against noise from the outside? We are pleased to deliver our burglarproof glass in a soundproof design.
We deliver our burglarproof glass of course also with double or triple insulation. Energy efficiency becomes more and more important, signified by increasing heating costs and ecological aspects.
glass tint
We deliver on request our burglarproof glass also with a switch-to-dark function: after pressing a button, and the completely transparent glazing blocks the view. Especially appreciated in the entrance area.

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How burglarproof glass
by SILATEC fits into this world.

Burglarproof glass for existing objects

Can you retrofit our burglarproof glass? For example, to convert your loved old building to a fortress? Normally yes. Because our burglary resisting glazing is so thin and so light weight that it can in most cases be integrated into the existing frame constructions. This occurs rarely for traditional, heavy and thick armored glass.

Please, contact us. We would be pleased to review this at the location and check your safety options.

Burglar proof glass for jewelers

On average, we prevent a burglary into a jeweler display window every three days. For example in Rome, at the headquarters of Bulgari, when two burglars wanted to drive into the display window using a tow truck. It presented one problem: our SILATECTM glass. The break-in did not result in a breakage. This is the reason that we are the first choice for the first addresses in the world.

Burglary resisting glass for escape doors

Panic doors have one weak point even if they are very well locked: it must be possible to open them at any time in the escape direction, i.e. to the outside, by using the door handle. Therefore, we developed a special burglary resisting glass for this application: It prevents the breakthrough to the door handle and therefore provides the maximum resistance against every unwanted intruder. What are your special requirements? Please, request an individual consultation.

How can you secure your windows retroactively?


Secure the windows

Why is a mushroom head lock so important?


Mushroom head lock

A corner completely made of glass? Burglarproof? How?


Glass corner

P4A glass? Why P6B glass by SILATEC is so much safer.


P4A glass or P6A glass

What is a polycarbonate glazing


Polycarbonate glazing


Can museums be made safer using burglarproof glass?

Glass is often the decisive element and it contributes significantly to more safety in museums. Traditional safety glass can be broken by burglars in a few seconds. This generated a damage in 2019 of a billion Euro in the Grünes Gewölbe in Dresden. The safety glass was broken in a few seconds.

The “right” burglarproof glass can prevent such burglaries. Especially proven for this purpose is the type SILATEC P8B glass with polycarbonate. Another benefit of this glazing: 100 % UV protection. And a color-neutral light passage. This shows exhibits totally neutral - without color falsification.

Which classifications of burglarproof glass exist?

Burglarproof glass is divided into three different classifications: P6B, P7B and P8B glass. P6B glass is equivalent to the lowest resistance class and P8B is the highest. The European standard for burglar resisting glazing is designated EN 356. 

How is burglarproof glass tested?

Is burglarproof glass heavier than “normal” glass?

Yes. Burglarproof glass is slightly heavier than “normal” insulating glass. Traditional insulating glass consists of two glass panes with a width of 4 mm each and weighs starting about 20 kg/m2 (4 psf). 

Even better, triple heat insulating glass weighs at least 30 kg/m2 (6 psf).

Burglarproof glass of the resistance class P6B is available starting about 27 kg/m2 (6 psf). At least 10 kg/m2 (2 psf) is added for the heat insulation (double glazing) - in total therefore starting with 37 kg/m2 (8 psf).

Burglarproof P6B glass as a triple insulating glass weighs at least 47 kg/m2 (10 psf). 

Large glass panes with or without burglary protection must - for static reasons - be produced thicker starting with a glass size of 3m2 (30 square foot) and therefore they weigh more.

Burglar resisting glass with polycarbonate weighs significantly less than conventional armored glass. The typical grammage in (kg/m2) and pounds per square foot (psf):

starting with (kg/m2)starting with (psf)
Silatec P6Bstarting with 296
Silatec P8Bstarting with 398

Can burglarproof glass be made safer?

Yes. Especially decisive, because normal safety glass can be broken in a few seconds. Burglarproof glass in contrast prevents burglaries. The resistance class of the burglary resisting glazing is decisive. P8B glass offers the highest resistance class. Safer is only P8B glass with a polycarbonate core. The reason: The impact resistance of polycarbonate is approximately 200 times higher than the one of glass.

Does burglarproof glass offer enough UV protection for pieces of art?

Normal safety glass or traditional armored glass has no UV protection. Only 100% UV impermeable glass panes offer adequate protection, similar to sunglasses: A little UV protection is not adequate. Burglarproof glass with an optimal protection must fulfill these three criteria:

- 100% UV protection
- crystal clear and color-neutral to let the colors of the art work appear natural
- burglary protection for many minutes: i.e. at least P6B glass or even better P8B glass with a polycarbonate core (SILATEC glass P8B)

Which safety glass offers a maximum protection for museums?

Burglarproof glass with the highest resistance class P8B with polycarbonate core offers the maximum protection for museums. Polycarbonate is a very impact resisting plastic material and it increases the safety of the glazing by a factor of 20 as compared with a burglarproof glazing without polycarbonate. The burglarproof pane must also offer 100% UV protection to protect the exhibits and paintings against UV damages. And it must still be crystal clear. The daylight must get into the building unadulterated and color-neutral. That displays the color of paintings naturally. Namely how they were created.

You can see here how leading museums implemented these safety and light aspects:


How does burglary protection work in landmarked buildings?

Burglary resisting glass must be especially thin and light weight to fit into the historically slim window frames because buildings subject to landmark status must not be noticeably changed. The burglary resisting glazing must often also slightly wavy and it must appear the same as it looked normal approximately 100 years ago. The historic character of the facade is maintained. These special glazings with burglary protection of the classification P6B glass are available starting with a thickness of about 12 mm (1/2”). P6B glass with polycarbonate is suitable for landmarked museums, because it offers 20 times more burglary protection compared with traditional armored glass. And UV protection.

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