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SILATEC - If there were a better type of glass,
we would have long since invented it.

Not just armored glass: the safest

bulletproof glass in the world.

Made in Germany. Completely according to your individual requirements.

Even if regular armored glass is still considered the epitome of safety in some cases: SILATEC bulletproof glass offers so much more security – not only confirmed by all tests and safety standards, but above all in daily practice worldwide. Almost unbelievable: SILATEC glass reliably stands its ground against even the most massive attacks.

If you are looking for the safest glass in the world, then look at the G7 ans G20 summits. At this highest of all security levels, only one bulletproof glass is secure enough. SILATEC.

Compared to conventional armored glass, it is not only safer. It is also amazingly better in other ways – as you can see and read here.

against the rest
of the world

Armored glass? SILATEC glass is safer.
Lighter. And crystal clear.

Glass from SILATEC is like a protective shield. An invisible one. Unlike ordinary armored glass, our ballistic glass is completely transparent and crystal clear. And more resistant – by orders of magnitude! A wall of glass. After all, SILATEC safety glazing reliably fends off the attacks of burglars all over the world. Hammer? Chisel? Axe? Nice try. The only thing that SILATEC glass lets through is pure daylight. All the light from the visible color spectrum can shine through, 100% unaltered.

Invisible UV light, on the other hand, penetrates 0%. SILATEC glass filters it out completely. And that’s a good thing: UV radiation damages the valuable interior of your rooms and has ruined many works of art.

You can opt for conventional armored glass. Or for any other security glass. Or you can make no compromises and make the same choice as the security experts at the G20 summit and other high-profile addresses around the world: from embassies and art museums to private residences. 

Burglar-proof glass:
why norm-tested is not enough.

SILATEC SECURA: Break-in? Tough break.

In Europe our burglar-proof glass SILATEC SECURA is certified according to the EU standard: the EN 356 (P6B, P7B, P8B) . Bullet-proof glass as well, by the way. But while bulletproof glass only resists a burglar for about 30 seconds, SILATEC safety glass stands like a wall. For 10 minutes! On request, we will also be happy to provide a beaten half hour. And if that still isn't enough: just ask us.

Bulletproof glassSILATEC glass
Bulletproof glassP6BP7BP8B

Highest security for high-profile addresses.

SILATEC SECURA protects leading museums. Jewellery stores. Private luxury villas. Art collections. And countless other high-security areas. Because if it’s of high value, it deserves the highest-possible level of protection.

The bulletproof glass of choice for jewellers and villas.

La Boutique Genève B&O
Laurent Nobs, Genève B&O
La Boutique Genève B&O
silatec stars
We are proud to work with Silatec safety glass and to offer the best protection for our customers. At Silatec we find the passion for perfect products which are close to our heart.
Zbären Kitchen
Benjamin and Matthias Zbären
Zbären Kitchen
silatec stars
Whether Gstaad, Genf or Monaco, we always see SILATEC safety glass at our customers. A High End Product, such as our kitchens.
Joël Meylan, Atelier K
silatec stars
Highest safety with the best optical quality
at the same time - that convinced us!
Mathis Meier, Architekten
silatec stars
For 25 years now, we already work with SILATEC safety glass for our demanding house builders.
Didier Ducard of BHS
silatec stars
Silatec is our reliable partner for all installations that require an increased protection while delivering a maximum of brightness. Silatec glass fulfills the aesthetic requirements of our demanding customers.
Beyer Chronometrie
Rene Beyer, Jeweler
Beyer Chronometrie
silatec stars
We make no compromises when it comes to safety. For 20 years now, we protect our display windows only with SILATEC safety glass.
G7, Schloss Elmau:
Security of the highest level.
Go ahead and shoot.

Kalashnikov? Nice try.

The Kalashnikov AK 47 is as widespread as it is feared worldwide. You can see what it can do to our safety glass SILATEC ShooteQ in the film below. That is: nothing. The glass cracks, but the bullet stays outside. And the next one too. And the next one, and the next one, and the next one ...

It's a comforting feeling to know that even military weapons fail against a wall of glass. Even if they are loaded with armor-piercing ammunition. Or with special incendiary projectiles. And if you have never heard of sniper rifles like the Russian Dragunov, you don’t have to worry about it. SILATEC ShooteQ already does this very effectively. It meets the highest rules and standards worldwide, but it also withstands far worse punishment: our own tests are very close to real-life threats – and absolutely merciless.

Of course: safety requirements can be very individual, which is why we also carry out our tests according to your very individual specifications on request. Because burglars do not comply with testing standards, and it is only in reality that it becomes clear how secure the world’s safest glass really is. After all, your security should never be relative. It should be absolute.

SILATEC vs. Kalashnikov.

The maximum-security glass.

SILATEC ShooteQ is the first choice for villas, embassies and corporate headquarters. We know all the different security requirements worldwide – and have a track record of success to prove it. Of course we also retrofit our glass in your existing building.

Armored glass for villas, embassies, corporate headquarters.

SILATEC ShooteQ thin and light

Thickness (mm)

Weight (kg/m2)




Pistol 9mm



Mag 357



Mag .44



AK47 7,62 x 39



Nato G3 7,62 x 51



Nato G3 hardcore



Dragunov hardcore



We protect you
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G20 Germany 2017, Hamburg
G20, Hamburg:
Maximum security.
Protection 360°.

Armored glass for protection against axes and pistols.
And for peace of mind.

The best protection for what you value most: your loved ones and yourself. Because safety and security are indispensable. Tough luck for burglars – they have to stay outside. Even they try to shoot their way in. No chance. And yet our glass is not greenish like ordinary armored glass, but absolutely color-neutral and completely transparent. It is also extremely lightweight and thin.

This of course opens up new architectural possibilities. Even when meeting the highest security requirements, you can replace dark walls with large-format glass surfaces to create a light-flooded, open atmosphere – and by the way, we can deliver single panes of up to eight meters in length, in all conceivable geometric shapes like angled, round and around corners. Your secret, which nobody suspects in this open and inspiring architecture: your house is a fortress. No less.

Burglars? Pistols? No chance.

Armored glass for all windows?

Yes. Because thanks to our intelligent material combination, SILATEC glass is incredibly thin. For this reason, it is suitable not only for modern architecture, but also for existing frames in older buildings. No matter whether sliding windows, tilt-and-turn windows, fixed glazing, wooden, metal or plastic frames.

Security glass for new construction and older buildings.

We protect you
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Karsten Greve.

Art Protection

The security glass for
museums and art collections.

Imagine your favorite work of art - with faded colors. The destruction is a creeping process, because the ultraviolet rays in natural daylight cause color pigments to chalk or fade. The surface gloss is lost or the varnish layer turns yellow. The painting: ruined.

SILATEC glass filters this invisible UV radiation 100% - in contrast to conventional armored glass. At the same time the visible daylight, which is so important for the enjoyment of art, can shine through 100%. Without any green tint, as with regular armored glass, and completely transparent. So you can enjoy your art with a clear conscience and exactly as it was created: in all aspects the artist intended, including gloss and optical depth, as well as rich and bright colors. After all, artists such as van Gogh or Gauguin created their works in daylight and chose their colors as they saw their motifs.

Museums and art collectors know this – and we are proud of our very prestigious clients.

Let’s kill UV!
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Made in Germany Individually,
according to
your wishes

Where security glass was invented.

The safest glass in the world comes from Gelting, about 30 kilometers south of Munich, Germany. This is where SILATEC's headquarters and production facilities are located. Rudolf de Cillia hacks at a large, heavy pane of armored glass with an axe. The glass breaks. Then, SILATEC security glass. Light. Thin. The axe hacks away at the glass for 10 minutes, until the strong employee gives up. The wall of glass stands.

“Whenever we do this demonstration, the ladies of the house say to their husbands: Darling, I would feel much more comfortable with the security glass,” says Christoph Hahn with a smile. He runs the family business in the second generation. His father actually invented “bomb-proof glass” back in the 1970s. “I was already involved in the company when I was 15. At some point, I also helped develop the machines,” says Christoph Hahn, relaxed, with a twinkle in his eye.

Let’s talk about glass tailored to your individual needs.
Just get in touch with us.


SILATEC in high-speed trains:
Security glass for maximum safety – driver included.

Security glass with protection
that begins where others stop.

Safety glass for an elephant enclosure? That is oversized, and will hold up safely even with tons of animal mass pressing against it? Impossible, actually. Except for us.

Or in the literal sense of the word "bomb-proof" safety glass for explosive ordnance clearing machines: Our security glass offers reliable protection, even against explosive munitions like grenades or mines.

Alarm glass. Anti-reflective glass. Corner glazing with highest security standards. Security glass for showcases. For panic doors. Or bulletproof LED spotlights for building surveillance, which are resistant to vandalism and brute force. Where all others give up, you will find solutions that amaze you from SILATEC.

Feel free to challenge us. We develop tailored solutions, even for tasks that are by any measure impossible. By any measure but ours.

SILATEC safety glass in explosive ordnance clearance machines:
bomb-proof, even against grenades and mines.
SILATEC safety glass in elephant enclosures:
absolute safety, even up against multi-ton loads.
We protect you
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