P6B glass versus

Burglary resisting P6B armored glass after ax attack:
Hole after approx. ten seconds!
SILATEC P6B glass after an ax attack:
The wall of glass stands - for more than ten minutes!

P6B glass is not the same as P6B glass.

Conventional P6B glass can be destroyed in less than 30 seconds. SILATEC P6B glass in contrast easily withstands the hits for 10 minutes. Because the patented design principle of SILATEC is basically different: With polycarbonate and a cleverly devised combination of the most resistant and impact resisting materials.

SILATEC P6B with polycarbonate offers a decisively better burglary protection than P6B glazings without polycarbonate.

View the burglary test:
P6B glass vs. SILATEC P6B glass

Burglary resisting P6B glass by SILATEC.

Because windows are the weak point.

80% of the burglars come through the window. Therefore, your house would be safest if it would be covered by walls all around. This is exactly the reason why we invented walls of glass. Burglary resisting P6B glass by SILATEC converts your mansions into a fortress. Exactly as display windows, galleries or museums. The P6B glazing is a burglary resisting glazing in accordance with the European standard EN 356. An even larger protection is offered by our P7B or P8B glazing.

SILATEC: Against any criminal energy in this world.

Tests and standards are good. But the practical use is even more important: And this is where SILATEC proves itself with approximately one thousand successfully prevented burglary attempts worldwide during the last ten years. An especially spectacular case is the burglary attempt at the headquarters of the jeweler Bulgari, in the center of Rome, on Via Condotti. Two burglars steal in broad daylight a heavy tow truck and drive it in reverse gear into the display window of the top jeweler. Into the display window - but not through the display window. Because the wall of glass stands! The glass splinters, but the completely surprised burglars see immediately: there is no pass-though here. They flee, but they are later arrested.

The P6B glass design
Conventional P6B glass:
Can be destroyed quickly.

Resists 10 minutes!

The decisive difference: Polycarbonate. Because P6B glass is available with or without this extremely impact resisting material. Of course, SILATEC P6B glass includes polycarbonate, because we take this subject seriously. No question. Its outside areas consist of glass - and the core is polycarbonate. Special SILATEC adhesives and selected transparent materials are added. The advantage: P6B glass with polycarbonate offers 10 to 20 times more burglary protection than conventional armored glass and therefore it has deserved the designation “burglary resisting glass”. In addition, it weighs significantly less, which means that windows and doors can be easily opened.

SILATEC P6B Glas mit Polycarbonatkern
SILATEC P6B glass Glass designSILATEC P6B glass with polycarbonate core
Glass - polycarbonate - glass

Conventional P6B glass in contrast is simple. Several glass panes are connected with a foil. Done. The thicker the package the more resistant it is against hammering-in. However, it is heavier and - based on the own coloring of the glass - also more green tinted. And despite the fact that these green chunks are so thick and heavy: They do not reach the impact resistance of SILATEC P6B glass - they do not even come close.

No SILATEC P6B glassconventional P6B glass

The glass thickness of P6B glass

SILATEC P6B glass is available with a glass thickness starting at approx. 16mm. The glass thickness is a minimum of about approx. 28 mm for a double glazing with improved heat insulation. P6B glass with triple insulation glass with a glass thickness starting at approx. 40 mm insulates even better. The listed glass thicknesses increase depending on the format, because large panes must - for static reasons - of course be designed thicker, however, they are still dramatically thinner than conventional P6B glass.

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Prices for P6B glass

The price for P6B glass depends on how many minutes the glazing prevents that a hole can be beaten into the pane. For example, with an ax or a sledgehammer.

Conventional P6B glass (normal “armored glass”), into which a hole can be beaten in less than half a minute, costs approx. 300 EUR/m2 net and higher. This represents costs of approx. 600 EUR/m2 per minute of protection

SILATEC P6B into a hole cannot be beaten in approx. 10 minutes, neither with an ax nor with a sledgehammer, costs approx. 600 EUR/m2 and higher. This represents costs of approx. 60 EUR/m per minute of protection.

Approx, 20% to 30% must be added for double insulation glass for heat protection or sun protection. Triple insulation glass costs an addition of approx. 20%, but it reduces the energy losses in winter by approx. 30% if compared to double insulation glass.

Price comparison

Traditional P6B glass (armored glass): approx. 600 EUR/m2, per minute protection against hammering-in SILATEC P6B glass: approx. 60 EUR/m2, per minute protection against hammering-in

P6B glass for burglary resisting windows?

SILATEC P6B glass is especially qualified for burglary resisting windows in private residences with the burglary protection class RC2 window and RC3 window. SILATEC P8B glass is recommended for the protection of especially exposed risks. For example in RC4 - RC6 windows. The reason for this allocation is as simple as it is logical: safety glass and window frame should be similarly resistant - because the safest glass only protects you if the frame also resists.

RC2 windows stop the amateur culprit with small tools (e.g. screwdrivers) for approx. 3 minutes. It is obvious that the glazing should also resist for approx. 3 minutes. Therefore, it is recommended to use at least P6B glass. However: The burglary test for windows does not even attack the glass. Yes, you read that right. The glass pane will not be attacked! The standard only recommends to install P4A glass. However, this can be destroyed in less than 10 seconds.

The same holds true for RC3 windows. RC3 windows resist a burglar with average talent and equipped with a crowbar for approx. 5 minutes. It is recommended to install here at least Silatec P6B glass to ensure that window frame and glass provide a uniform protection effect. The standard views this different: The glass will not be tested. Unbelievable, but true. Only P5A glass is requested. However, anybody can destroy P5A glass quickly in a few seconds.

The same is also true for RC4, RC5 and RC6 windows. Our recommendation: Glass and window frame must be similarly safe. Therefore, the following glass recommendations apply for burglary resisting RC2 to RC4 windows.

RC2 windowsSILATEC P6B glass
RC3 windowsSILATEC P6B glass/P7B glass
RC4 windowsSILATEC P8B glass

Delivery program for SILATEC P6B glass

Burglary Protection
Type Name Dimensions max.
Options Tc
P6B + EH1
monoSILATEC P6B-EH12500 x 800017 – 2530 – 504.7P6B80 – 9070 – 8040 1)
i2SILATEC P6B-EH1 i22500 x 800027 – 4940 – 600.9 – 1.2P6B70 – 8055 – 6040 – 45
i3SILATEC P6B-EH1 i32500 x 800039 – 6155 – 800.5 – 0.8P6B65 – 7045 – 5040 – 45
They depend on the size of the pane, the loads (e.g. wind load) as well as guidelines and regulations
mono, i2, i3 monolithic, insulating glass, triple insulating glass
Thermal transfer coefficient. The smaller the value, the better the heat insulation.
TL Translucence. A larger value means that more light transfers through the glazing
gTotal energy permeability. A smaller value means that less energy transfers through the glazing.
RwSound insulation measure. The larger the value, the better the sound insulation. The listed values are based on a Krypton filling.
ASAlarm loop. Visible or invisible.
AWAlarm wire
SuSSun protection coating


Test certificate
Test protocol single cell pane
internally developed estimated value without test report 
exclusively invisible alarm loop possible 
GOST Gost standard of Russia
VPAM PM 2007, version 2
EN 1063
Special test, see test report Beschussamt
Bandwidth of typical values

All values are subject to the common tolerances. Adherence to our special glazing guideline is required.

This delivery program shows our established products. We produce in addition also nonstandard special solutions. Please ask us.

We reserve the right to change the technical information, changes in the delivery program as well as changes of our references. Adherence to the legal regulations is required for all applications. Adherence to our special glazing guidelines is required, because our warranty is otherwise canceled.

When in doubt, please contact us.

SILATEC P6B is also available in combination:

Alarm glass
invisible or visible

Sound protection
up to 45dB

Spy mirror
effective view protection

Switchable glass
switchable from transparent to opaque

Burglary resisting P6B glass with alarm glass

P6B glazing can be equipped with alarm glass in addition to the mechanical burglary protection. An alarm loop will in this case be burned into the P6B glass. The alarm loop will be severed and an alarm will be triggered via the connected alarm system if an attack on the glass pane is taking place. Two variants are available: The visible alarm loop has a size of about 50 mm and is located in a corner of the alarm glass. The invisible alarm loop is burned in at the extreme edge of the P6B alarm glass and it disappears optically in the window frame. It is not visible to the observer.

The P6B glazing with heat protection

The heat insulation of a monolithic P6B glazing with a U-value of approx. 4.6 W/m2K is comparably bad. This comes with a thickness of only approx. 16mm. The heat protection of the P6B pane with double insulation glass improves to a U-value of approx. 0.9 to 1.3 W/m2K. The heat protection for triple glazed P6B panes improves to a U-value of approx. 0.5 to 0.7 W/m2K. A smaller value means that less energy transfers through the glazing.

Where does P6B glass by SILATEC protect?

Glass corner with SILATEC P6B glass
Display window glazing with P6B safety glass by Silatec
 P6B safety glass by Silatec in the Reichstag
Silatec P6B safety glass for museums
P2A Glas
P4A Glas
P5A Glas

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What is better: P6B glass or P4A glass?

P6B glass does provide burglary protection. P4A does not. P6B glass is tested brutally with an ax. The test for P4A glass includes only an approx. 4 kg heavy steel ball that is dropped on the glass pane. The P4A glass can prevent that, for example, a stone will be thrown through the pane. However, the P4A glass does not provide any burglary protection.

How is P6B glass tested?

P6B glass is tested with an ax. The ax is fastened to a machine and hits accurately down to a millimeter and with a defined force on the P6B glass. Decisive for the burglary resisting classification as per EN 356 is the number of hits to achieve an opening with a size of 400 x 400 mm. If at least 30 ax hits are required, then the glazing receives the certificate P6B glass. It receives the certification P7B starting with 51 hits and P8B starting with 71 hits.

Does P6B glass have any UV protection?

SILATEC P6B glass with polycarbonate offers 100% UV protection. Conventional armored glass does not provide UV protection.


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