Proteção antirruobo

Armored glass vs. sledgehammers - Which pane will last longer?

Which of the four armored glasses can withstand the sledgehammer the longest? We make the glass test!

How to BURGLAR PROOF your house - Burglary protection for your home.

Safety glass is a basic requirement for good burglary protection. In this video we show why.

Insulating glass vs. burglars - Can it withstand?

Insulated glass as effective burglary protection? We show you what insulating glass can withstand.

Try not to laugh - burglar edition | Silatec burglar proof glass vs. burglars

2 burglars try to break into a jewelry store – through the armored glass. Will they be able to break through the SILATEC armored glass in the shop door?

TEFAF Maastricht Armed Robbery 2022 – Security Experts React

The European Fine Art Foundation, TEFAF, is located in the city of Maastricht, the Netherlands. On Tuesday 28.06.2022 at least four men entered the exhibition at around 11:30 a.m..

Sledgehammer Test! P7B Safety Glas vs. P6B Silatec Glas

Which safety glas breaks first? The P7B Safety glas or the P6B Silatec safety glas? Could you break it?

P5A glass vs. P6B glass - Test with Sledgehammer

Not all security glass is the same. What does it take for effective burglary protection? We find out!

Armored P7B glass vs. P6B glass from Silatec / The ultimate test with 2 sledgehammers!

P7B vs P6b glass - Which one withstands attackers longer? Spoiler: A high security level is no guarantee of burglary protection!

P6B Armor glass test: 2 panes vs. sledgehammers

P6B glass is supposed to protect your home from burglars. But how long does the P6B glass really withstand the sledgehammer? We find out in our glass test!

Can Dogs actually save you from burglars and intruders?

Dogs are a good burglary protection! …right? We answer this question in today's video. Next video:

Segurança à prova de balas

Bulletproof glass test AK 47: Can it stop 17 shots?

Bulletproof glass in the test: How much can our bulletproof Silatec glass withstand? Let's find out today!

HOW TO SURVIVE: 60+ shots fired by AK47 | Bulletproof Glass EXTREME Test

Bulletproof overnight - What can our mobile bulletproof glass wall withstand? Here's the next video:

How does Bulletproof Glass work and how to smash it (in 15,92 sec!)

Bulletproof glass vs. gun professionals! In this video, we show you what makes good bulletproof glass and how you can best protect yourself.

Bulletproof glass / Tested by the Austrian Armed Forces / SILATEC

Bulletproof glass must withstand extreme forces. In today's glass test, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Austria try to destroy our bulletproof glass.


Burglarproof Windows Tested! You WON’T believe what we found out

In this video you can see burglarproof windows and security windows of different resistance classes in the test: How long do burglars need to get into YOUR house? Next Video:

Burglar-proof RC2 windows vs. RC3 windows | SILATEC

How many minutes can an RC2 window or an RC3 window repel burglars? We test this on three different windows - live.

Burglar proof window TEST - RC3 vs. RC2 windows

Which window is really burglar-proof? RC3 Window vs. RC2 Window - THE TEST

Armored glass vs. sledgehammers - Which pane will last longer?

Which of the four armored glasses can withstand the sledgehammer the longest? We make the glass test!

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Reality Check: Can James Bond cut armored glass?

Armored glass is tough – and James Bond quickly cuts a hole in it. Is it possible?

Bulletproof glass. 10 ultimate tests. Can it stop a car? SILATEC

Can SILATEC bulletproof glass stop a car? We attempt to smash the latest generation of bulletproof glass, using a machine gun, dynamite and even an excavator.

Why is Tesla so afraid of this Cybertruck Killer? | Cybertruck 2023

We love Tesla and the Cybertruck 2023. That's why we filmed an ironic tribute to their great work. Pre-Order Yours Now: ➡️ 22th of June 2022: Happy Birthday Model S. We can’t believe you already turned 10 years old. 28th of June 2022: Happy Birthday Elon Musk and our respect for the awesome cars you build. 1st of July 2022: Happy 19 th Birthday Tesla. CHEERS and keep up the good vibes. Very much looking forward to the birth of the Cybertruck 2023. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Order Yours Now: ➡️ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Silatec #Cybertruck2023 #Parody A Tesla is such a unique electric vehicle. Beside the Model S, Model X, Model Y and Model 3 they also want to create a new electric motorcycle and the Tesla Cybertruck 2023. Even with Elon Musk, the visionary who seems to be able to do everything with ease, things sometimes go wrong. Like at the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck 2023. Somehow reassuring, isn't it? We took this rare moment as an opportunity to produce a small homage to Elon Musk, Tesla and the Tesla Cybertruck 2023. Because honestly, what a man. What a company. And what an exciting, futuristic-looking vehicle. And what a wonderful and elegant, even graceful pattern is left by the small metal ball that Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen throws against the window pane of the driver's door during the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck 2023. Poem. This is what it looks like when one cog meshes with another after months of planning. And while in conventional vehicles you have to laboriously operate the window regulator to get a bit of fresh air, in the Tesla Cybertruck 2023 all it takes is a well-aimed throw with a small metal ball. In view of this touch of practicality and the associated groundbreaking time savings, the unique design almost becomes a minor matter. But seriously, what a fail at the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck 2023. Wasn't the glass supposed to be bulletproof? Shouldn't the little bullet have just bounced off? The fact that the window pane shatters a bit - forget it. That is more or less in the nature of things. But the fact that a metal ball thrown not even with full force leaves a fist-sized hole is suboptimal, to say the least. In the event of being shot at, you'd rather not be in the driver's shoes. In our Tesla Cybertruck 2023 homage, we installed real bulletproof glass in a Piaggio Ape. Sure, the Cybertruck may be superior to the Ape in terms of design. And possibly the pattern left by the metal bullet on our Ape doesn't come close to the graceful breaks in the Cybertruck's driver's door glass. Such a design is without question beyond even our skills and abilities. That's the high school. But: The window holds. Even with powerful throws. And even with intensive contact with the sledgehammer. And - as we know from various other experiments - in an emergency, even when fired upon by a Kalashnikov or attacked with a flamethrower or Molotov cocktails. Why did we produce this video? With our tribute, we want to show that it is possible to equip any imaginable vehicle with bulletproof glass. Of course, this also includes the Tesla Cybertruck 2023, where the Tesla engineers will have to work again. There's no question that they're up to it - after all, only the best of the best make it into Elon Musk's team. But if they do need a tip or two, we'll of course be on hand to offer help and advice. And don't worry, dear Tesla team: Your planned electric motorcycle will certainly do without bulletproof glass. And we guarantee that you will put on a presentation that is second to none. Just as we are used to from you. Without failures. Please. We can't produce such an elaborate video again. We still have something like an everyday business! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapters in this video: 00:00 - Introduction 01:35 - SILATEC Truck Unveil 02:29 - Size & Speed 04:40 - Security Features 05:26 - Smashing the Truck 08:00 - Pre-order ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💡 Find out more! Pre-Order Yours Now: ➡️ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out our socials: Instagram: @silatecglass Facebook: LinkedIn: TikTok: @silatec & @silatecglass YouTube: // @Silatecglass Web:


What noone will tell you about bulletproof glas 😳 #bulletproof

How burglarproof is your window really? 🤔🪟 #burglar

Glock 17 & AK-47 vs bulletproof glas 😳

Bullet vs Whisky Glass 🥃🔫

5 Extreme Attempts at destruction! What can Bulletproofglass withstand?! SILATEC Burglary protection

5 Extreme Attempts at destruction! Which attempt is the best?? What can SILATEC safety glass really withstand? We get to the bottom of this question in this video and bring out all the guns: we try to destroy the armored glass with a sledgehammer, flamethrower and even a car. Will we make it, or does the safety glass keep its promises and remain steadfast? Find out more! Check out our socials: Instagram: @silatecglass Facebook: LinkedIn: TikTok: @silatec & @silatecglass YouTube: // @Silatecglass Web:

Burglar fail! The best burglary protection, no chance for thieves against our burglar-proof glass!

In this video you can convince yourself of SILATEC's burglar-proof glass. We test the glass with professionals, the thieves themselves, and let a jeweler rob them - or at least try to. Thanks to the safety glass, there will be no theft in the first place. Find out more! Check out our socials: Instagram: @silatecglass Facebook: LinkedIn: TikTok: @silatec & @silatecglass YouTube: // @Silatecglass Web:

Vidro de segurança em teste –
Os melhores vídeos e filmes sobre vidro de segurança

O que é melhor do que texto? Exatamente, vídeos. Aqui você encontrará vídeos de nosso teste de vidro de segurança e um ou dois filmes humorísticos de vidro de segurança.

Então: Recoste-se e aproveite!

Áreas de aplicação de nosso vidro de segurança

Nosso vidro à prova de arrombamento protege o que é importante. Objetos de valor, arte, pessoas e muito mais. Aqui você pode descobrir onde são utilizados nossos vidros à prova de bala das classes de proteção P6B, P7B e P8B.


Dior, Cartier e Bulgari - estes são apenas três dos muitos joalheiros que confiam em nosso vidro à prova de roubo para proteger seus tesouros. Por quê? Porque as mais belas e preciosas peças de joalheria do mundo merecem a máxima proteção.


Sua propriedade ou vila pode ser tão luxuosa e bela quanto ela é. Se você e os seus não se sentirem seguros nele, nunca se assentarão de verdade. Esta é exatamente a sensação que nossas janelas à prova de arrombamento lhe dão.


Roubo de arte? Não com SILATEC. Equipamos alguns dos mais importantes museus com nosso vidro de segurança. Porque as obras de arte não são apenas valiosas, mas também irrecuperáveis. E porque nosso vidro à prova de roubo também é protegido contra raios UV para evitar que as pinturas desbotem ou branqueem.


Nem todos concordam com todas as decisões de cada autoridade - isto às vezes se manifesta em raiva mal orientada. Como você protege seus funcionários, por exemplo, no balcão, de tais ações? Com nosso vidro de segurança.


As embaixadas podem ser encontradas em quase todos os países do mundo - mesmo onde há agitação. No entanto, o abandono de uma embaixada geralmente não é uma opção. O que é necessário, no entanto, é uma proteção apropriada para o pessoal. E isso com nosso vidro de segurança. Porque há loucos por toda parte.

Sede da empresa 

Você defende sua propriedade intelectual com patentes. Proteja seus funcionários, o prédio de sua empresa e tudo mais que for importante para você com nosso vidro de segurança. Jogar pelo seguro. À prova de arrombamento e à prova de balas.


Na cúpula do G7, precauções extremas de segurança são repetidamente tomadas. É claro, nosso vidro de segurança não pode faltar. Se você quiser que seu evento também seja seguro, você sabe quem contatar.


Como funciona o vidro de segurança SILATEC no teste?

Bom sem exceção. Seja contra um machado, uma marreta, uma Kalashnikov ou um lança-chamas. Nosso vidro de segurança se aguenta! Você tem uma idéia de como poderíamos vencer nosso vidro de segurança? Fique à vontade para nos avisar.

Onde posso enviar idéias para novos vídeos de teste de vidro de segurança?

Nosso vidro de segurança é tão seguro que logo ficaremos sem idéias para mais testes. Você tem uma idéia? Um espetacular? Sinta-se à vontade para nos avisar e enviar sua idéia de vídeo de teste de vidro de segurança para:  office

Onde são produzidos os vídeos de vidro de segurança SILATEC?

Depende. Filmamos a maior parte de nossos vídeos de vidro de segurança na sede de nossa empresa na Alta Baviera, em Gelting, perto de Geretsried. O local de produção do vidro provavelmente o mais seguro do mundo. No entanto, algumas produções eram tão complexas que tivemos que encontrar um local especial para elas. Para nossa paródia do Tesla Cybertruck 2023, por exemplo.

Por que a SILATEC produz tantos vídeos de vidro de segurança?

Muito simplesmente: porque amamos nosso produto. E porque pensamos que nem mesmo nossos excelentes redatores são capazes de descrever o quão espetacular é nosso vidro de segurança. Honestamente, o que o excita mais? Lendo que nosso vidro de segurança pode suportar uma bala Kalashnikov ou vendo como as balas atingem o vidro de segurança e ficam presas? Exatamente.

Outros produtos

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