Burglary protection

How do burglars not get into the house?

We explain why the police recommend mechanical burglary protection and why alarm systems are only a supplement to it.

P4A glass vs. P6B glass / 4 glass panes in the test / does the glass hold?

4 different glass panes in a burglary test. We show how long the panes last.

Burglary protection LIVE test recording

In the livestream we show LIVE with a burglary test where and how villas and stores can be broken into and test it ourselves on windows and window panes.

Burglar-proof windows TEST. Are RC3 windows stronger than RC2 windows?

Which window is really burglar-proof?
Do you know how long your windows can withstand a burglary attempt?

Burglars fail! Attempted burglary in a jewelry store. No chance against Silatec glass.

In this video you can see for yourself Silatec burglar-proof glass. We test our glass with the professionals, the thieves themselves.

Gunfire protection

Bulletproof glass / 17 hits / does the glass hold? AK47 + M16 ...

We test bulletproof glass. With the Kalashnikov AK47, assault rifle M16, caliber 7.62 x 51mm and a 9mm pistol. NATO standard "Stang".

Bulletproof glass wall tested by the Austrian Army

Silatec produces the Bulletproof glass wall in different sizes, also made to measure on request. For rent or purchase.

Editorial coverage

The safest glass in the world?
Welt der Wunder tests: AK47, car crash and flame thrower.

A car is crashed in the glass test. Total loss. Also on the glass? How is the safest glass in the world made?

TEFAF Maastricht armed robbery 2022 - security experts respond.

Dick Drent is a security expert specializing in the arts. He was security director of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and analyzes the robbery.

Silatec break glass? 10 ultimate tests

Can SILATEC security glass stop a car? We attack the latest generation of bulletproof glass: Machine gun, explosives and even an excavator comes into play....

Cutting a James Bond style hole in safety glass - is it possible?
We'll put it to the test.

We know this trick from numerous movies: But does it really work? We tried it out for you.

Special Products

RC2 glass or RC3 glazing for panic doors? Finally explained simply

We explain which glazing must be installed in burglar-resistant escape doors or panic doors (RC2 escape doors, RC3 panic doors, RC4 emergency exit doors)

Bulletproof LED light, indestructible?

We drive a fat excavator over it. Will the bulletproof LED spotlight break?

Safety glass in test –
Die besten Videos & Filme zum Thema Sicherheitsglas

What's better than text? Exactly, videos. Here you will find videos of our safety glass in test and also one or the other humorous safety glass movie.

So: Just lean back and enjoy!

Fields of application of our security glass

Our burglar-proof glass protects what is important. Valuables, art, people and much more. Here you can find out where our bulletproof glass of protection classes P6B, P7B and P8B is used.


Dior, Cartier and Bulgari - these are just three of the many jewelers who rely on our burglar-resistant glass to protect their treasures. Why? Because the most beautiful and precious pieces of jewelry in the world deserve maximum protection.


Your estate or villa can be as luxurious and beautiful as it is. If you and yours don't feel safe in it, you'll never truly rest easy. This is exactly the feeling that our burglar-proof windows will give you.


Art theft? Not with SILATEC. We equip some of the most important museums with our safety glass. Because works of art are not only valuable, but also irretrievable. And because our burglar-proof glass is also UV-protected to prevent the paintings from fading or bleaching.


Not everyone agrees with all decisions made by every government agency - which sometimes translates into misguided anger. How to protect your employees, for example at the counter, from such actions? With our safety glass.


Embassies can be found in almost every country in the world - even where there is unrest. Nevertheless, abandoning an embassy is usually not an option. What is needed, however, is appropriate protection for the staff. And that with our security glass. Because there are madmen everywhere.

Corporate headquarters 

You defend your intellectual property with patents. Protect your employees, your company building and whatever else is important to you with our safety glass. Play it safe. Burglar-proof and bullet-proof


At the G7 summit, extreme security precautions are taken time and again. Of course, our security glass cannot be missing. If you also want your event to be safe, you know who to contact.


How does SILATEC safety glass perform in tests?

Good without exception. Whether against an axe, a sledgehammer, a Kalashnikov or a flamethrower. Our safety glass holds up! Do you have an idea how we could beat our safety glass? Feel free to let us know.

Where can I submit ideas for new safety glass test videos?

Our safety glass is so safe, we'll soon run out of ideas for more tests. Do you have an idea? A spectacular one? Feel free to let us know and send your safety glass test video idea to: office

Where are the SILATEC safety glass videos produced?

It depends. We shoot most of our safety glass videos at our company headquarters in Upper Bavaria, in Gelting near Geretsried. The production site of probably the safest glass in the world. However, some productions were so complex that we had to find a special location for them. For our Tesla Cybertruck 2023 parody, for example.

Why does SILATEC produce so many safety glass videos?

Quite simply: Because we love our product. And because we think that not even our excellent copywriters are able to describe how spectacular our safety glass is. Honestly, what excites you more? Reading that our safety glass can withstand a Kalashnikov bullet or seeing the bullets hit the safety glass and get stuck? Exactly.

Other products

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